A Foundation of Family

Family means a great deal to us, and it influences everything we do.

Our own family's great patriarch, Meyer Berfond, started this business in the early 1940's. A painter by trade, he began building his own portfolio with the help of Post-Depression development incentives. In under 20 years, he grew the business to over 5,000 units, and he proudly managed his properties for the length of his life - a significant run by any standards.
In 1982, the company was taken over by Michael Kerr, grandson of Meyer. He worked hard to restore and maintain these historic buildings to their former grandeur. Michael Kerr not only repaired and improved the physical structures themselves, but he worked to modernize the business which improved services to tenants and the standards for which they lived.
Today, it is Meyer's great-grandchildren who now run the operations at M&R Management, and his spirit lives on in their work. They have renewed the company's commitment to development and acquisitions, and they are busy adding fresh new energy and value to a once-again expanding portfolio.

We Think, Therefore We Are